Masks vs. Gaiters


Face masks or ‘face protection’ have evolved out of necessity to be the current TOP promo item and everyday accessory for every end-user. They are a simple to use item and are effective in protecting the mouth and nose. Because they are washable, they are a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to follow the guidelines of the CDC and local governments which state that everyone should wear cloth masks in public.  

  • Key Selling Point: Effective and affordable items that are an every-day necessity  
  • Present this When: Clients need versatile face protection for a variety of situations 
  • Make the Sale by: Explaining how simple they are to use and are well-adopted by every demographic 
  • Best Suited for: 
    • Corporate offices of all sizes and sectors 
    • Education – K-12 school districts, colleges and universities 
    • Healthcare – hospitals, doctor’s offices and urgent care centers 
    • Retail – shopping malls, clothing stores and home goods 


Neck gaiters are a great way to showcase your brand and can be used to mask your face in public or as a multi-use cover for outdoor activities. Gaiters are softcomfortable and offer both durability and easy-carePreviously used most often in industries like construction and contracting, neck gaiters have evolved to become everyday items for end-users who want dependable coverage – no matter what they do for work. With full-color, edge-to-edge decoration, customization is a breeze so you can design it your way today.  

  • Key Selling Point: Complete coverage that is comfortable and durable for every industry  
  • Present this When: Client needs a way to provide coverage for extended wear or multi-use outdoor activities 
  • Make the Sale by: Highlighting its level of protection and larger coverage area but also its easy-care and comfort  
  • Best Suited for: 
    • Contractors – electricians, carpenter and plumbers 
    • Automotive – dealerships, collision centers and auto shops 
    • Construction – roadwork crews, building teams and demolition 
    • Warehouse – inventory, shipment and organization teams